Servospin Plus Tabletop Centrifuge, 8x15ml RPM (speed): 1-4000

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Servospin Plus Tabletop Centrifuge, 8x15ml RPM (speed): 1-4000

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Servospin Plus Tabletop Centrifuge,  8x15ml RPM (speed): 1-4000
Table top centrifuge with a wide spectrum for centrifugation in the humane sample range.

The table top centrifuge Servospin Plus with angle rotor, fulfills all requirements of Directive 98/79/EC that in vitro diagnostic medical devices must meet and thus is also suited for use also in research. Operating the device is simple and it provides the highest level of comfort and safety to the user.

The benefits at a glance:

Versatile use in medical, laboratory, pharmaceutical and analytics

Angle rotor 8 x 15 ml with the possibility of using different tube adapters.

Ergonomic panel and display

Digital preselection of time and speed

Manual short-term function for mixing of samples

Electromagnetic cover lock

Emergency opening if there is a power failure

Stable housing and long live motor

Hygienic membrane keypad

Easy cleaning and disinfection

Technical data

Revolutions: 100 - 4000 RPM

Speed steps: 100 rpm

Max. centrifugal force: 3074 G

Term: 1 to 99 min

Balance control: yes

Rotational speed / RCF: yes

Dimensions (D x W x H): 350 X 400 X 320 mm

Weight: 5 kg

Voltage: 220 - 230 Volt 50/60 Hz

Inner diameter centrifuge inserts: 15 mm x 105 mm

Including adapter set of 8 pcs for different tube sizes.

Servospin Plus table centrifuge with angle rotor 8 x 15 ml for the centrifugation of sample material from e.g. Urine or blood (human body feet).

Servospin Plus is also suitable for processing e.g. of sperm for in vitro conversion or the production of PRP plasma (thrombocyte-enriched plasma) PRP Plasma is supportive in treatment of sports injuries, to accelerate wound healing after surgery or to treat chronic wounds.

The engine is mounted to vibration dampers which ensures a quiet and low noise operation. For safety of the user the cover is electromagnetically locked. Speed can be adjusted in steps of 100 rpm (maximum 5000 rpm) and running time in minutes (maximum 99 min). During centrifugation process speed and remaining time appears on the display. By keystroke display can be switched to RCF value (Relative Centrifugal Force)

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