Custo Cardio Wireless Stress test 100BT/ERG

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Custo Cardio Wireless Stress test 100BT/ERG

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Custo Cardio Wireless Stress test 100BT/ERG
Custo Cardio 100BT is a 12-channel PC ECG with integrated wires, USB port and electrode clips. The device is defibrillation-proof and guarantees reliable pacemaker detection. Due to the flexibility of the ECG module, ECG recording and display is possible at any time and any place, whether on a PC, notebook or tablet. In line with this, we offer the custo sensive self-adhesive electrodes for optimum ECG signal quality, excellent skin-compatibility and high efficiency.
It is equipped with rechargeable battery and Medical Blue Tooth for wireless ECG transmission. Cardio 100BT provides advantages particularly with regard to treadmill stress tests because the ECG module and the patient are treated as a unit and there is no disturbing connection cable to the PC.

Sampling rate 1000 samples/sec. Extremities & chest wall (1 ms)
4000 samples/sec. Pacemaker (0.25 ms)
Defibrillation protection electric strength (proof voltage) 5000 V, (Recovery time < 10 s)
Voltage supply: lithium ion battery (4 hours operating time per battery)
Software filter & functions line filter, muscle filter, AD filter (anti-drift)
Pacemaker detection
Bluetooth coverage up to 10 m
Dimensions: 160 x 85 x 25 mm (L x W x H)
Weight custo cardio 100 BT approx. 275 g (incl. battery)

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