MRZ Mammorep Zeta 20G 15cm Size 20G x 15cm

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MRZ Mammorep Zeta 20G 15cm

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Mammorep Zeta 20G/15cm breast localization hook-wire needle-set
  • 20G x 15cm
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Mammorep Zeta hook-wire needle-set 20G 15cm

Breast localization hook-wire needle-set

Mammorep is a Copan style hook-wire breast localization needle-set,

available in a variety of centimeter lengths and two-gauge sizes: 20 and 21 G.  

Easy-to-read centimeter marks facilitate accurate depth placement.  

Sliding stopper to accurately pre-determine depth placement.


Wire is marked to better control its placement.v  

Mammorep Zeta: “Z” shaped hook, 20G, for a more secure placement inside the mammary tissue.

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