B-Cut Bone biopsy needle Jamshidi type All sizes Size 11G x 10cm

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B-Cut Bone biopsy needle Jamshidi type All sizes

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B-Cut Bone biopsy needle, Jamshidi type. Vigeo Italy.
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  • 08G x 10cm
  • 08G x 15cm
  • 09G x 10cm
  • 09G x 15cm
  • 11G x 10cm
  • 11G x 15cm
  • 13G x 07cm
  • 13G x 10cm

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B-Cut Bone Biopsy Needle Kit (Jamshidi type)

Needle for bone marrow biopsy.
B-Cut is a Bone Marrow Biopsy Device, Jamshidi Type, provided with ergonomic handle to distribute in an optimal way, the pressure applied by the operator during the introduction in the cortical bone.
The needle is equipped with a cannula made of AISI 304 stainless tempered steel in accordance with international standards.
The centimeter markings on the cannula surface, allow to easily determine the depth of insertion into the bone tissue.
The special sharpening at "Fish mouth" of the needle tip, improves the penetration capacity establishing a perfect cylindrical cutting that secures the sample intact.

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