Bone densitometer Sonost 3000

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Bone densitometer Sonost 3000

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Bone densitometer Sonost 3000 by Osteosys
Sonost is a portable and economic solution for evaluating the risk of osteoporotic fracture. 

Its low precision error assist in the first diagnosis of osteoporosis monitoring bone changes. Sonost3000 provides fast, convenient and easy-to-use measurements of the calcaneus (heel bone) for superb assessment of osteoporotic fracture risk.
Provides information on bone quality and fracture risk
Sonost 3000 measures SOS (Speed Of Sound) and BUA (Broadband Ultrasound Attenuation), and applies them to calculate BQI (Bone Quality Index) T-score and Z-score Represent.

Young adult mean standard variation (T-score)

Age matched mean standard variation (Z-score)

Superior precision

Permanent coupling pads

Auto positioning probe

Quick scanning time (15 sec)

Enhanced precision self-developed foot supporters

Enhanced stabilization

Improved Convenience

Comprehensive user program

Easy measurement (convenient dry type)

No replacement required for coupling pads

Efficient patient file management system (available date-base)

Built-in computer and printer, saving the valuable space

Color TFT Touch screen monitor

No radiation hazard

Prompt A/S

Provide Bone Quality Info

Bone density (SOS)

Bone (macro and micro) structure (BUA)

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