Bone densitometer Sonost 2000

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Bone densitometer Sonost 2000

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The cost-efficient, compact and lightweight densitometer for the appraisal of osteoporosis fracture risk. The high precision of Sonost 2000 helps in the first diagnosis also for monitoring the changes of osteoporotic bone.
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Bone densitometer Sonost 2000

Bone Mineral Densitometer measurement time, within 15 seconds of measurement.
The in house developed foot support, helps the removal of error from the minimal movement of the foot
A silicone balloon minimizes the damage that can be caused by use or accidently.
The patented device that places the foot in exactly the same location helps the repeatability of the examinations.
 Measures ??T -score and Z -score.
 It has a complete kit without any mechanical power allowing high stability and reproducibility.
Can be easily washed (water wash available)


Measurement method: Ultrasound

Measuring location: Calcaneus (heel)

Measuring time: 15 seconds

Measures SOS (speed of sound )- BUA (Broadband Ultrasound Attennuation) = BQI (Bone Quality Index)

Precision and accuracy 1 %

Operating temperature range 17 ~ 36 ° C

Operating Humidity Range 20 ~ 80 %

Weight 8 kg

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