Wireless Bed-wetting System

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Wireless Bed-wetting System

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Wireless Rodger's night system.
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Wireless RODGER bed-wetting night system.

 It's a smart device that helps the child overcome the problem of night bed-wettin. Its operation mode is simple. The child wears a panty where there are special "invisible" sensors that detect the smallest humidity. The built-in microscopic transmitter of the undergarment wirelessly connects to an "alarm clock" receiver. As soon as the undergarment gets wet, if only a little, then the transmitter sends a signal to the receiver (alarm) and he starts to strike. In this way, the child wakes up exactly at the start of the enuresis and prepares to go to the toilet. This process gives him an early warning to gradually eliminate the habit of evening wounding.

The wireless Rodger's night system is:
• Wireless
• Immediate activation with the slightest humidity
• Transmitter range up to 15 meters
• No needles and incontinence sheets are needed
• Unisex pants (purchased separately)
• You can obtain extra breeches
• Set the volume (alarm) to the desired level
• For hearing impaired children there is a strong vibrator option

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