Multi use biopsy gun bard magnum

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Multi use biopsy gun Bard Magnum

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Blank pageMulti Use Biopsy Gun Bard Magnum
BARD's MAGNUM Multiple Biopsy System is a powerful aluminum soft tissue biopsy gun. It is small in size and weight. Its ergonomic design increases control and ease of handling during biopsy procedures.
No other multipurpose biopsy device is smaller than Magnum, which is only 12cm in length. It contains a very strong spring, which is capable of causing high speeds sufficiently to ensure perfect tissue sampling at all times. Its high power enables accurate penetration even in difficult biopsy cases with minimal tissue displacement. It is very functional as it can be activated very easily with one hand. It offers a choice of 15mm and 22mm penetration lengths, which can be easily selected to achieve the desired result.
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