Autoclave - TauClave 3000 FRV (Fractionated Vacuum)

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Autoclave - TauClave 3000 FRV (Fractionated Vacuum)

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Autoclave - TauClave 3000 FRV (Fractionated Vacuum)
The TAU CLAVE 3000 Factionsated Vacuum is a compact and reliable machine manufactured by Tau Steril to safely and effectively sterilize hollow, porous and solid bodies, whether wrapped or not.
It has an efficient state-of-the-art microprocessor-controlled electronic system, which provides continuous monitoring of all the different phases of the selected cycle pressure, temperature and time, displaying any possible abnormalities on the screen.
Equipped with stainless steel chamber and double tank for clean and dirty water.
The machine's technological control system also offers options such as Bowie and Dick control tests and 5 sterilization cycles depending on the type of material to be processed and the specified time.
One of the five program cycles can be adjusted manually, with optional temperatures and times.
Fractionated Vacuum technology guarantees complete expulsion of air from the chamber, followed by a phase of sterilization and drying.
It has a pump used for the complete elimination of residual steam and a ventilation program.
The machine can be connected to a printer in order to record the cycle and the results in each phase.

The advantages of the 3000 series
Features a vacuum pump for perfect drying (TauClave 3000 Vacuum).
Five programs: four at a constant temperature and a special program.
Program control via "microprocessor".
Use of deionized water, therefore reduced costs.
Water is not recycled: perfect hygiene.
Absolute safety: in case of incorrect operation, the autoclave stops, releases pressure and displays the type of error.
Can be placed in a closet.
All TAU STERIL products are manufactured in accordance with the EEC Medical Devices Guidelines and in accordance with the Company's Quality System, certified in accordance with UNI EN ISO regulations.

Dimensions (mm): 444 (L) x 430 (W) x 385 (H)
Chamber (mm): diameter 240, depth 350
Absorbent power: 1250 watts
Power supply: 230 V
Net weight: 45 Kg
Gross weight: 50 Kg
Capacity: 15 lt

Pressure display
Temperature display
+/- Temperature
Time display
+/- Time
Programme selector
Alarm led
Main switch
Led working
Led Programme

Available as an option with a printer.

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