Littmann Cardiology IV Black

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Littmann Cardiology IV Black

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Littmann® Cardiology IV Black stethoscope
The Cardiology IV stethoscope features improved acoustics, new design as well as technology that meets the expectations of healthcare professionals for decades.

The lumber is not made of latex, natural rubber, nor phthalates, and has a longer shelf life due to improved resistance to skin oils and alcohol is also less likely to get stains.

Better listening to high frequency 2 sounds helps the physician better assess the patient's condition.

It features a single dual-frequency diaphragm allowing high and low frequency sounds to be heard from both sides of the bell.

- The pediatric side of the bell turns into an open bell, replacing the single frequency diaphragm with a non-freezing elastic hoop.

- It has double sided bell.

- It has a stainless-steel bell and a double tube headphone tube.

- High acoustic performance.

Certification: CE

Construction House: Littmann®

Stethoscope acoustics: 10/10

Sensitivity / Acoustic: Very large

Ring: Double stainless steel

Ring weight: 87g

Aperture Diameter: 4.3cm

Length: 69cm

Weight: 177g

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