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iH-B ABPM recorder, Biocare English version, LCD screen

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iH-B ABPM recorder, Biocare English version, LCD screen
The iH-B is a new blood pressure monitor. Its low weight, ergonomic design and low consumption make it ideal for daily blood pressure monitoring

The system has a new developed processor and detachable memory, which can record up to 500 measurements

It has easy and fast data transportation for reporting and print or results



Smart and lightweight design
Developed digital sign processor
Over-pressure protection with use of 2 sensors
LCD screen for results
24-hour recording
Removable memory which can record up to 500 measurements
Data transportation via IR


Fast and reliable analysis system
Big data storage and management
Print preview and color print
PDF report can be sent via mail
Analysis tools such us:

Report review
Bar chart for SYS, DIA, MAP and pulses
Pie chart for SYS and DIA

Waveforms of BP
List of BP differences
Standard deviation charts of BP

**ABPM analysis software, for iH-B Biocare (code 08052) is required

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